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Autonomous technologies are the gold standard of technological development because it frees up people to focus on the more important task of thinking instead of doing mundane daily tasks. The day is coming when digital assistants will start anticipating your needs; you can see the beginnings of this with Alexa’s Suggested Action features. Alexa will remember your preferences and suggest a next action based on your current commands and past history.

The Autonomous Revolution is most associated with vehicles and cars specifically at present; every car company on the planet is working on some type of self-driving car. While not necessary in theory, the development and deployment of 5G infrastructure across the world along with developments in edge computing and artificial intelligence ( AI ) will allow autonomous vehicles to function more efficiently. Vehicles will have the ability to receive and send data much faster, relying on an AI system to make appropriate driving decisions. Part of the processing will take place in the car, part will take place in the cloud, and part will integrate edge computing into the vehicle network. 5G technology will allow the various processing points to communicate with each other effortlessly, effectively, and with low latency. Autonomous control of vehicles will not be limited to cars; trucks, planes, drones, and even boats will all be self-piloting. Autonomy may begin in digital assistants and vehicles, but it will soon be a part of all technological developments.


Domain Domme LLC

Domain Domme LLC

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